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Fanlisting statistics
Script used: Enthusiast
Opened on: 29th December 2003
Last updated: 07th May 2024
Member count: 279
Pending members: 0
Newest members: Hardy
Toe Sucking Mark Davis
Peter North Lube


  1. You must be a fan of Erotic Spanking.

  2. You do not have to have a site, but you must have a valid e-mail address (this can be hidden from general view).

  3. There is NO age restriction.

  4. You must also submit your country of residence.

  5. If you do submit a site, you need to put up a code or a text link. If I check your site and the code isn't there, I will only list your name and e-mail address.

  6. I will not link to your site, if it contains pornography (adult fanlistings are okay), homophobia, any form of hate, if you direct-link, don't have a link back up or if your site contains anything illegal, I don't link to you either.

  7. Please keep your information updated.

  8. Read and understood? Onwards to the Join section.